Cats and The Future

 Cats and The Future

There are several common myths about cats and the future. Some people believe that if a cat washes its paw and then places the same paw over its left ear, the cat is actually predicting that a stranger will come to visit. 

Cats and The Future

If the cat is in the living area of the house and washes its paws and face, the company is on its way. The first single person a cat looks at after cleaning itself will marry shortly afterward.

Other myths about cats and the future include:

  • In ancient Egypt in sanctuaries, priests carefully tended sacred cats. Watched night and day, priests translated the cats’ every movement, such as a stretch, yawn, or even the twitch of a whisker, and used this to predict an event in the future.

  • When two people marry and there is a cat at the wedding, they will experience good luck in the future.

  • The prediction of future wealth is a sneezing cat. It also predicts a happy married life for a bride if, on her wedding day, a black cat sneezes close to her.

  • Many believed that tortoiseshell cats had a gift that allowed them to look into the future and that they had the ability to pass this gift to a lucky child in their human family.

  • If a person had a dream about a cat, some regarded this as a bad luck sign regarding the future.

  • Some believe that if a cat chooses and adopts you, even after death the cat will always remain with you.

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