Easy Riddles with Answers for kids

Easy Riddles With Answers For Kids

Easy riddles with answers for kids: These Riddles may seem easy for kids, but you have to be quick and clever to solve them. Put on your thinking hat and help your children find the answers.

33 Riddles that will stumble you every time (but don’t worry – we’ll answer you)

Need a little break to open up with some fun brain teasers? Check out our final list of the best puzzles of all time.

They get started easily and are great puzzles for some kids. Others, however, are strict and you may need to get a math visa. There are plays on many letters and words, so keep going if you are inferior. We even threw in some funny puzzles to keep you running. Now, if you get to the end, you can try the rest, but be careful: hard puzzles will put you to the test!

Easy Riddles with Answers for kids

Many of us can agree: the victory that comes with solving a difficult puzzle is a feeling like no other. And chances are, your baby will love the shells too!

There are many reasons to introduce puzzles to your child. Puzzles are a great way to stimulate children’s minds. Also, it is a fun activity for children to stay at home and learn.

We collected 33 of the best puzzles for kids (and adults too!) To keep our kids entertained and their brains running.

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  1. What has mighty shoulders and graceful neck but no head?

Answer: A Shirt

2. Tell me What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, maintains a head but never weeps, occupies a bed but never sleeps?

Answer: A river.

3. How does a dog traverse a river without getting wet? How did the dog do it?

Answer: The river was frozen in winter.

4. What has legs but does not walk?

Answer: An Armchair

5. What can fly without wings?

Answer: Time

6. What is white when it’s filthy?

Answer: Chalkboard or Blackboard

7. What gains a bank but no money?

Answer: River

8. What goes forward never backward?

Answer: A pendulum.

9. What has four legs, but can’t walk?

Answer: A table

10. What has teeth but can’t bite?

Answer: Comb

Kids Love these Riddles if you Ask them

11. What has a thumb and four fingers?

Answer: Glove

12. What has word but never speak?

Answer: Book

13. What is the end of everything?

Answer: The letter “g.”

Easy Riddles with Answers for kids
Easy Riddles with Answers for kids

14. What Has No Eyes

What has no eyes but can cry?

Answer: A cloud

15. What can fly without wings and can cry without eyes?

Answer: The clouds

16. What has a bottom at the top?

Answer: Your legs.

17. What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?

Answer: A clock

18. What has 13 hearts but no organs?

Answer: A deck of cards.

19. What room no one can enter?

Answer: Mushroom

20. What room with no walls?

Answer: Chatroom

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21. What is black when you buy it red.?

Answer: Charcoal

(It is charcoal that is black when we buy it or when it is unused. When used, it is swift to burn. And ultimately, when it is consumed by fire or burnt or after use, it turns to ash which looks grey.)

22. Does time move backward?

Answer: Only Time’s arrow

(You always move forward, never in reverse.)

23. What has no life but can still die?

Answer: Battery

24. What can be opened but Cannot be closed?

Answer: A Secret

25. What question can you never honestly answer yes to?

Answer: Are you asleep?

26. What has a face and two hands?

A Clock

27. What is made of water but dies in the water?

Answer: The Ice.

28. What has 88 keys but opens only one door?

Answer: Piano

29. What has a heart but no other organs?

Answer: A deck of cards

30. What has 88 keys but Cannot open a single door?

Answer: Piano

31. What’s the city you can’t enter?

Answer: Electricity

32. What starts Black turns red and ends white?

Answer: Charcoal

33. What can honk without a horn?

Answer: Goose can (Explanation: Goose can Honk without using a Horn.).

34. What is frequently returned but never borrowed?

Answer: Thanks.

35. What do you call a witch that lives in the sand?

Answer: Sandwich.

36. What fruit can you never cheer up?


37. What is black and white and red all over?

The newspaper

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