Friendship versus love

Friendship versus love: Among the engaged two, Friendship is more valuable and strong as I carefully observed it. Today I Like to Explain Friendship versus passionate love graciously according to my genuine feelings. 

Love verses Friendship

Friendship and Love

Before I go to describe the difference between Friendship and Love, I Love to discuss firstly what Love is?

What is Love

What correctly is passionate about love? A straightforward answer to this is that love represents an emotion whose usefulness is undeniable and its importance cannot be denied. We can in addition say that love represents a ray of light that contains innumerable colors. But when it is overtaken through the glass manifesto of emotions, innumerable beautiful colors burst forth and innumerable emotions grow in these colors.

Creator loves his creation

Some people divide love into different types, although it is impossible to divide love, if we accept their opinion, we can say a mother loves her children, a teacher loves her student. Love, even a creator loves his creation, and sometimes it goes beyond human relationships. the human child is also a creation, the most beautiful and invaluable creation of nature. It is said that Allah The Almighty loves His servant more than his mother.

love retains a deep connection

However, along with these loves, the poets have equally begotten another love, this is the love that we hear about from more or less every youthful person nowadays, this love retains a deep connection with the oppressive society, but it is better to say, therefore Both their bras in common are with the floral skirt.

Therefore we May Ask now again What precious love? This question has been submitted in every age and in every society. From all walks of life since the beginning day till today and everyone has been defining love from their own point of view. 

No comprehensive definition of love

Whoever fortunately reached the appropriate level of love ethnically based on his possible experiences. Accurate observations said that it in common is love. To date, there has been no comprehensive definition of acceptable love to people of all walks of life. 

I think as much praise has been willingly given to dearly love to this modern-day. It should be universally accepted as acceptable and gently correct. Love is an emotion. It is a condition, and whoever has felt that condition or emotion, is the same love.

To me, love represents a journey from survival to annihilation. In this pleasant journey, the traveler has to drown in the waves of the raging river, including the pitcher, and someone has to be buried in the sands of the scorching desert. Or somewhere you typically have to carefully hang on the responsible board with the familiar slogan of Anna-ul-Haq (Sufi Mansoor raised a slogan that I am RIGHT and he crucified and hanged ). 

the journey from survival to annihilation

These endure all tests and in the journey from survival to annihilation in love, every traveler has to undergo these tests. For Accurate determination, we need levels and ranks.

And so after every necessary stage, there is a test, after every test, there is a rank. Even the one who completes the test and confers the rank is not unfamiliar with love. Love is the cause of the creation of the universe, and he is the first lover in this whole universe. Who caused this universe in a few days for the sake of his beloved. It also proved that love remains the name of an incomparable and universal spirit. 

Love Versus Friendship

Love Versus Friendship

Unconditional love is as holy, pure, and authentic as the scriptures that came down from merciful heaven. There can be undoubtedly about a trustworthy spirit like love. Doubt is evidence of weak faith and there is no rank for weak faith. The thorny bushes of fierce hatred profitably grow in the generous hearts where the precious seeds of doubt fall, not the fragrant flowers of genuine faith.

A modern poet has also defined passionate love as:

A word of love is a lowly myth.

If the kind heart is in love, then it is time

fondness, we expect more. Therefore In Friendly relations, we sacrifice more. 

Moreover, In Love, we naturally feel like a longtime owner and in genuine friendship, we feel like a dedicated server.

So In Love, We talk about “getting” and in Friendship, WE focus on “Giving.”

Friendship versus love more points

Love remains the story of some lusts and friendship is faraway lust and greed.

In Love, you are fantastic about sex but in friendship, you have no desire for it.

Love is a little bit painful but friendship attends an easy destiny.

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies quote by Aristotle New valentines day pictures for girlfriend

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies quote by Aristotle New valentines day pictures for girlfriend

In Love, you plan more to naturally make your longtime partner busy and happy but in a sincere friendship, there is no specific need for planning so much.

Conclusion: Love and friendship both are cute relations but in Live, You Care more and In Friendship, You Share more. 

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