Revolutionary Method To Master Cats & Witchcraft

Introducing A Revolutionary Method To Master Cats and Witchcraft

revolutionary method master cats witchcraft: For some reason, cats, black magic, and witches have always been associated together especially around the fourteen hundreds or the Middle Ages onward. During the Middle Ages in Europe, the fate or destiny of cats changed radically they were linked with evil and objects of superstition.


Cats and Witchcraft
Cats and Witchcraft – A Black Magic by Black Cat

Shocking!! What Was in Europe regarding Cats and Witchcraft.

In Europe, the Christian church began a huge campaign hunting witches and cats. During this time, they slaughtered cats almost to the point of extinction because they believed that cats were associates of witches, had the powers of black magic, and the devil’s embodiment.

 People tracked down cats, tortured them, and then killed them, often along with the person keeping a cat or cats.

Owning a Cat or helping an injured or sick animal was cause enough to torture or kill a person. 

Along with slaughtering cats almost to the point of extinction, the church accused many innocent women and men of witchcraft, tortured and burned them alive at the stake. Simply owning a cat or helping an injured or sick animal was cause enough to torture or kill a person. 

The number of disease-carrying rats increased as the cat population decreased which contributed to an extraordinary extent to epidemics and the spread of plagues throughout Europe.

 It was the seventeenth century when cats came back into favor becoming a loved companion once again and a controller of rats and other rodents.

Things to Understand Myths About Cats.

For the most part, it was in the Middle Ages when evil and black cats became affiliated. Many people believed that cats were witches or witches, supernatural servants, because they were nocturnal, wandering during the night with their glowing eyes and sleek movements.

 Cats were the embodiment of evil, mystery, and darkness and were believed to possess terrifying powers. While some believed that black cats were companions of witches, others believed that black cats were actually witches disguised as black cats.

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