Myths About Cats

Myths About Cats Is Not Rocket Science! Learn Them Now!

Myths About Cats: Throughout history, there have been numerous myths developed about cats in virtually every culture and society. Where cats were domesticated and kept as pets. In some instances, cultures modified myths and superstitions about cats from other groups, which tended to lead to even more negative and sinister ideas about the typical behavior of cats. TechyQuick! 

Myths About Cats
Myths About Cats

 Cats and The Weather: 
Introducing A Revolutionary Method To Master Myths About Cats.

In ancient times, seafarers believed that watching the way cats behaved could actually predict the weather in advance. Many mariners believed that black cats were unlucky and would cause bad weather while other sailors held tortoiseshell cats in high regard because they thought these cats brought them good luck. A widely circulated belief was that if the ship’s cat started to play boisterously, it meant that a gale was approaching. ‘

Myths About Cats

On a calm sea, the small surface ripples were referred to as ‘cat’s paws’ because sailors believed that cats’ ghosts from ships were dancing on the water ahead of the wind. Japanese sailors believed that a tri-colored cat carried aboard a ship would give them an early warning if any storms were approaching the ship, giving the sailors enough time to make it back to port before the storm hit.

In ancient times in Egypt, people believed that when a cat started washing behind its ears, this indicated that good weather was on the way, although in China this or a cat winking signaled rain, not nice weather. Other myths regarding cats and weather include:

Many people thought that cats could predict the weather and believed a cat washing its face or ears predicted rain and if it scratched the curtains and carpets, this forecast wind.

Cats predict bad weather when they tuck their paws underneath them when sleeping.

Sailors thought that rain would follow if a cat sneezed once and a cat licking its fur against instead of with the direction of growth indicated a hailstorm on the way.

Early American settlers believed that if their cat sat by the fire with its back turned towards the flames, there would soon be a cold snap.

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It was very common for seafarers to use cats before embarking upon a voyage to forecast the weather, with a playful cat meaning gusty winds and a good trip, while a loudly meowing, noisy cat meant a very stormy, difficult trip.

Another popular belief of sailors was that cats stored magic in their tails, which they had the power to use to begin storms. Seafarers made sure that the cats were always contented and well-fed so they did not use this magic.

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