Seven Features Of Cat Personality That Make Everyone Love It.

Skills That You Can Learn From Cat Personality.

There have been poems, books, plays, short stories, and even research papers completed on the personality of the cat. There are also many different expressions with regards to the cat’s personality such as “the cat’s meow”, being “catty”, or even the old “cat people should only marry cat people and dog people should only marry dog people” expression. While cats do have different and unique personalities, they also have general traits that are common within the species.

Cat Personality
Cat Personality

Seven Features Of Cat Personality That Make Everyone Love It.

Just like dogs or other pets, cats tend to have more similarities to their breed than differences. However, each cat is a unique individual and even kittens from the same litter may grow and develop into very different individuals. As a general rule most cats are affectionate and loving with people they know, and barely tolerate people they don’t. Of course, some cats are also very social and outgoing and are welcoming to new people in their environment. In addition, cats may be very accepting of other pets such as dogs or may get along very well with children and other cats. Female cats, especially when they are spayed at a young age tend to get along better with other cats and intact toms (males) tend to be the most aggressive.
Understand The Background Of Cat Personality Now.

A lot of the cat’s personality has to do with the type of socialization and interaction they have with people when they are kittens. The more attention they have and the more comfortable they are with people at a young age, the more likely they will be the same when they mature.

The Story Of Cat Personality Has Just Gone Viral!
Generally, the cat personality is defined as aloof, which may be a bit negative in connotation. In reality, cats are just more independent than dogs and other pets, however, they do enjoy spending time with people, it just occurs when the cat wants it to.

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